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  • 初中英语作文:清明祭祖

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    Last Qingming Festival,I return home to worship my grandfather.Qingming Festival is a folk Festival.In the past,the Qingming Festival was called Arbor Day 。 But Today作文我的祖国, Chinese visit their family graves to tend to any underbrush that has grown. Weeds are pulled, and dirt swept away, and the family will set out offerings of food and spirit money. Unlike the sacrifices at a family s home altar范文作文我的祖国, the offerings at the tomb usually consist of dry, bland food. One theory is that since any number of ghosts rome around a grave area作文我的祖国, the less appealing food will be consumed by the ancestors, and not be plundered by strangers.

      With the passing of time, this celebration of life became a day to the honor past ancestors. Following folk religion, the Chinese believed that the spirits of deceased ancestors looked after the family. Sacrifices of food and spirit money could keep them happy, and the family would prosper through good harvests and more children.[初中英语作文:清明祭祖]相干文章:

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