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  • 导盲犬的由来高一英语作文

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    In 1981,a doctor and his pet dog walked with a blind soldier.The doctor stayed in the hospital for a short time .When he came out ,he saw his pet dog had guided the soldier to the other side of the hospital and it worked out well .Germany helped start a program to teach dogs to be guide dogs .

    Dorothy ,an American woman ,went to Germany to find out about the guide dogs .When she came back to the USA ,she wrote about it for a magazine.Soon more people knew about the guild dogs.The best dogs for the job are clever and fit . It tekes more than two years to train a little dog to be a guild dog.When the dog is 14 months old , it learns many instructions . Then the owner and the dog meet,and they practice for four weeks .Then the dog can work well for the owner.



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