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  • 写濒临动物英语作文

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    Panda only exists in China. Panda very special recipes, including the almost alpine region can be found in the various bamboo, the pandas also occasionally carnivorous (usually animal body).

    Forest logging. Giant panda habitat area to the annual harvest of at least 10,000 hectares. Its habitat annual rate of approximately 2.5 km2 of the disappeared, the number of giant pandas dropped sharply, and now the protection of giant pandas has become a priority.


    Golden monkeys live only in China. They are protected by Chinese government. Their fur is golden and a bit grey. Their tails are as long as their bodies. Male golden monkeys are big and strong while the female ones are much smaller. Golden monkeys live in forests which are 2000-3000 meters above sea level.

    They like living in family groups. They eat fruit, nuts, tree leaves and so on. But now their number is getting smaller and smaller. Our government has built some nature reserves to protect them. We hope more and more people will understand the importance of protecting wild animals.

    We also hope that people will stop hunting golden monkeys.


    Do you know of any endangered animals? Why are they in danger?

    I think there are many endangered animals in the world,such as tigers and pandas. When farmers cut down trees, tigers can no longer hide and hunt. Many tigers are killed by people who want to sell their fur for money. And there are few places where pandas can live.

    We are not alone in the world. We human beings could not live without all the plants and animals around us. So protecting wildlife is very important. We must take measures to keep plants from being destroyed and stop animals from being killed. If each of us can plant a tree and build a birdhouse, theworld will be more beautiful. It is very easy but useful.

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